Saturday, July 21, 2012

25 Weeks Pregnant

And so here we are.
 In front of some dandy new "curtains" I made yesterday.
Is it weird to admit I forget I am pregnant a lot?
No, no... this mama has not been boozing it up or anything like that!
I just hardly feel "different" anymore.
It's pretty odd when feeling normal involves a little boy,
inside my belly,
head to the left,
facing front,
knees in,
and kicking my right side prrrretty much all day and night.
Yah. This is what normal is starting to feel like.
So it will be odd when in just a couple months I go back to being just *me!*
15 weeks to go... 
(Give or take. I am betting early because he seems like he already wants out! With all this pushing and kicking!) 

 I feel like my tummy has gotten pretty big but last time my midwife measured my belly
I was actually 2 weeks smaller than average.
Crazy right?

But don't get me started on the outie belly button.
I love it, because it's something I will only have for a short and wonderful time.
However I can't hide it. Even through thick shirts (and why would I want to wear those in July?) you can still see the obvious imprint of a popped out button and everyone and their mothers take this zippity quick look at it and then their eyes shoot in a totally opposite direction, as if they just saw something they were not supposed too. 
It's not dirty, or sexy or an alien or whatever the heck!
That is probably my only complaint at this point. Everything else has been just golden. 

 The only other "out of the ordinary" thing I can think of that has been happening lately is for the last 2 weeks or so I have been nesting, with explosive force. 
I can't rest until every shelf has been robbed of it's knick-knacks,
every desk moved and mopped under,
every unmatched sock gone to sock heaven,
every lame movie I ever bought from a clearance bin purged,
every "just in case I need this" shoe box ripped from under my bed,
every book I will read "when I get the time",

Everything is going away in a yard sale
(and until then all this stuff is sitting to the side of our living room and I can not stand it!)
and anything we don't sell we are bringing to a Goodwill.

Oh clean and uncluttered bedroom of mine, 
you feel so peaceful to be in.
Nesting can really get things DONE!  ;D