Saturday, December 17, 2011

This week at our house...

 Jared was having a bad day this day, so I made him a "I Love You" banner made of ... precious paper.

 Maps, as usual..... Freakin' me out!

I hung up icicle tree ornaments outside. They were a gift from my mother in law. Aren't they beautiful? 
 This a crazy shot of MerDock. No other explanation needed. Hehe

 All of our summer and spring decorations are down... well, except these paper Japanese style lights. I did not want to part with them, plus we don't have any holiday lights outside. Just a TON inside!

 I took this photo as it was getting dark outside and used a flash. Pretty neat affect I thought! This would also be the holly tree I had been taking from to build holiday bouquets and such.

 This is our kitchen after Jared ever so gently said, "Maybe we should cut those outside?" Haha, no way! It is too chilly and dark! Plus I cleaned up right after...

We Made Enoki and Leek Fried Rice which was AWESOME
and totally random so I do not have a recipe to share, oops!

We finally got all of our holiday shopping done, and just 3 gifts short I ran out of 
wrapping paper... and used tinfoil. Wrong or not?

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