Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What are your Top Favorite Movies? And Making Snow Flakes***

To me, Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands is the best movie of all time. I feel there are two close runner-up's, Lost in Translation and The Breakfast Club, but they just can not compete. There is just something so precious about Edward's innocence and willingness to love. I suppose all these movies have something in common, going from being an outcast to finally having someone accept you. Maybe that is why these movies are so dear to me. Being accepted and loved was something I wanted in my life for so long. I tried my best for most of my life to become this chameleon that changed with every group I hung out with so that some one might think I was "cool" or "interesting". However I am not saying I would hold the same conversation with my in-laws as I would with my best friend Blue, there is a difference between having a filter on what you say and how you act and totally changing your personality based on who is around you.

The biggest thing that changed for me was learning to love myself. I did not realize that there is no way around it if you want to be happy. Once I forgave myself and accepted who I was, my faults, abilities and things I need to work on in this life, it just sort of happened. I liked who I was and I did not want to shift my personality around for others. I made true friends who could see the real weirdo I really am and it is wonderful, which reminds me I love this quote from Dr. Seuss...

There is so much freedom in being true to yourself...
but it takes a lot of guts!!!

Here are the snow flakes I was cutting from a few pages of Grimm's Fairy Tales...

Notice edward SCISSORHANDS is playing on our little television  ...

 I love winter but I love snow even more. 
Hopefully it snows so hard I can not leave my house!
I probably have seen Edward Scissorhands close to 600 times 
and I will probably watch it 50 more times this winter!
 I hope Jared can take it! Heehee. 

I love the snow dance towards the end of the movie. It has probably made me cry 110 times...

 I would like to end on a final question...
 What are your top favorite movies and why do you like them so much?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Optimistic Otis, Pessimistic Paul and Realistic Ricky Walked into a Bar...

Last night after a few consecutive days off I rechecked my online schedule. I have to do this because I swear the company I work for is out to get their employees! When hired I was told to check the online scheduling system every day because a shift might just "pop up" and I would be held accountable for filling it. I work a temporary retail job and I really do love what I do, I even wish it was not a temp job! I would be thrilled! All I do is find places for things at a large mall store. I get to organize things by color, size, style and get to choose a lot of what I work on. It's also the perfect job for me since I don't have to work with customers much. I love people, but I really strongly dislike customers but I can explain that at a later date. With that being said I really would like to impress a boss or two in hopes that I could convince them to let me stay or hire me again. I am a very punctual person and pay very close attention to my work schedule apparently only MOST of the time...

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and today I was going to work from 7:00 am -11:00 am (not bad, not bad) and I would still have time to go to the store to get food ingredients for my contribution at tomorrow night's dinner with my in-laws. Well, I thought that was how my day was going to go but ...

8:00 pm Tuesday night bedtime. Very early, I know, but I had to wake up at 4:30am the next day.

2:00-4:00 am Wednesday Can't sleep. I have been waking up at night and not sleeping for weeks now. Okay so I admit, I was feeling a little bitter but what's the point in sleeping now? I have to wake up in 30 minutes and there is rain beating down on our thin roof. BANG BANG BANG SPLASH. Can't sleep.

3:30 am I get a text from an old friend saying she was driving her husband to the airport since his grandfather was not doing so good. Well that is really sad! I hope everything is okay and there is nothing I can do. I tried to go back to sleep...

4:30 am  I woke up from sad dream, at least that was over and slept a bit. Kicking my feet over the bed and sitting up for a second I realized I was nauseous, really nauseous. Well, sometimes that happens when I wake up early. That should go away in a bit.

4:35 am  Shower time. It helps me wake up and I feel it gives me a new clean start, but as I sat in the shower I also realized my throat and ears really hurt. Okay, I feel a little sick and don't want to be sick so I try to distract myself. I moved closer to the shower head looking at the patch of warped ceiling directly above that had been there since we moved in. Curiosity struck and I wondered if the shower had caused this damage or if rain water was going directly through the roof. I pressed my finger into the soggy ceiling. Shit. There IS a leak.

4:40 am  Out of shower. That is right. Our shower only lasts 5 minutes and because I was busy poking the ceiling I forgot to wash anything.

5:00 am  Okay so the day can still turn around. I have been really negative lately and I wondered if I was just seeing the bad in everything. I put my make up on ... over my acne, yay. Suddenly at 21 my body decides this is a good time. I covered it up. I look fine!... Hopefully.

5:40 am I woke up my husband since he was going to be working for some family today. They are sort of like great our great Aunt and Uncle. Our "Uncle" is retired I believe and has a ton of property where he has built his very expensive hobby. A mini train station with a long running track, one big enough a few people can ride. My 4 year old brother would go nuts if he ever knew something like this existed. Today Jared would be helping him build more of this track or some engine pieces, in the pouring rain. So he was not necessarily friendly when I woke him up.

5:50 am I rechecked my schedule since I am such a worry wart. 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

I did not sleep worth beans last night. I feel like crap and it can only get better. Right? I mean planning my whole day backwards can not be that hard right?

6:00 am Time for Jared to leave, but his car wont start again. Once again we are jumping his car in the pouring rain and I did not realize there was a large puddle or a small lake in the driveway next to my car since it is so dark out. I am wet half way up my shins and I don't want to move or help Jared one bit. I want to lay in my car and   just die, or at least sleep with dry clothes on.

6:10 am I am smiling, hugging Jared and just laughing at this point. What else would be appropriate? I made the choice to remember I am married to my best friend. I get to make fancy food today. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and well dang! I AM ALIVE!!!!!!! Which is incredible. The rain is pouring to help the grass and soon it will be snow! So far today sucked and hopefully it will improve, but I have a lot of life to live right now and I am not going to be a Negative Nancy about it. Life is about being here now and right now I am going to be HAPPY!.....Or else! :P

7:24 am  As I was posting this my computer just shut down! ah!!! At least it saved. The End.

Ps. Just a thought, maybe I should not pray for patience so much.... hehehe. Have a good Tofurky day everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spontaneous Pizza Bake Off

Problem: It's 9:00 pm and here we are with 4 different options for
late night left overs but I can't honestly say I want any of them.
Solution: I want pizza and I wont accept any less.
Problem: We don't even have half of the ingredients for crust or for
toppings and all the stores are closed.
Solution:      Wing it. 

We did not have yeast for one, but that was not going to stop me. I went to Allrecipes.com, (which I love by the way) because there is a section where you can type all the ingredients you would like to add and all the  ingredients  you would NOT like to add -OR- You could type "No yeast pizza crust" and a ton of real people's recipes pop up. It is a bonus that these are real people's recipes because there are a ton of people who comment on how they changed it to suit their taste, what could have been used as alternatives and because it is given a simple five star rating scale.

So we begin.

This is Jared already busy at work. We were torn between two kinds of pizza dough so this is what sparked the "competition"  I chose one with eggs, since I thought it would be interesting. Also, this picture was edited in Photobucket and I really do enjoy that site but I am getting pretty run down from the same editing features, if anyone has a good editing program let me know! I'd like to try something different :)

Where is Maps? It has been too quiet....

Figures! Why does she prefer bags and boxes over fancy toys?

So at this point I am already nervous. I know I can not bake, so what am I doing?! Jared's already looks like dough and mine looks like pancake batter. I read and re-read the intructions 100x
I am just going to call him lucky!

 Okay. So I admit, my egg-y pizza dough was failing miserably. I added way more flour to try and cancel out the thin, soup like texture... not helping one bit. And of course my husband was looking like he was making pizza straight from Italy and I was stuck making breakfast batter. Ugh! I just could not accept defeat, no way! Not that early on! Time for another plan...
 So here was my plan, I was basing this entirely off my first job at Little Caesars. They have really good cheesy bread and I thought I would go that route. I buttered up the pan and... just sort of *plopped* my unattractive dough into the baking pan and spread it out.  (seriously this was the best picture I could take. It looked awful)

 And here is Jared's. He made his own sauce and used the breakfast pizza idea using turk'y bacon, 2 raw eggs, mushrooms, red bell pepper and onion. I was proud of him but I still wanted a decent pizza on my end.

 Here was mine all done. I baked the crust for 10 minutes then added my Mexican inspired toppings. Refried bean sauce, cheese, jalapenos, chopped onions, tomatoes and chips on the side. It was edible but not AWESOME. However...

 Jared's was awesome and won hands down. The egg cooked perfectly and the crust and all toppings went together harmoniously. He did a really amazing job. :) I'll get you next time Jared!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

This week at our house...

 I adore these ceramic birds I have been collecting. They are my favorite "thing" in my house!

I made a hair piece out of a honey comb and lace
As usual, always telling me about her day

I wanted to capture the blue sky above the snowing mountain

Thrift store find, I believe. <3 Owls before they were trendy

 Jared was wearing his glasses (which is REALLY rare) so I decided to save that moment
Camera having a mind of it's own. Nice! Alice in Wonderland vibes! See the clock and the cat?

I climbed these snow covered mountains last summer

Easily distracted while cleaning the floors. Rainbow light!


This week has been so peaceful. I am so thankful for my cozy home, my little nest. It's just a single wide but it is home for now and the people in it (and kitties) make it the best place in the world.