Saturday, November 5, 2011

100 Things I am Thankful for...

In honor of Thanksgiving (which is coming up fast and I did not even notice!) 
I am writing a list of 100 things I am truly thankful for.
I thought it would be hard but it isn't!
I started a list this morning and will finish the rest tonight.

  1. Jared
  2. The gift of life itself
  3. Sunsets in Everett
  4. My amazing brother Riece
  5. Sunrises in Birdsview
  6. My little MerDock
  7. December 1st 2010
  8. Seattle mornings-days-nights
  9. My mom
  10. Road tripping with Harley
  11. My old dog "Weenie"
  12. My in laws
  13. Maps, forever a kitten
  14. Growing up with Tiffany
  15. Mushroom hunting
  16. Christmas lights all year round
  17. Jonsi
  18. McDonalds hash browns on early mornings
  19. Pike Place Market
  20. Lester and Landon
  21. My car, "Selene"
  22. Arizona
  23. The old days with Kelsey
  24. Sushi
  25. McKenna
  26. I get to live in a beautiful place
  27. Photobucket
  28. Lori's cold salad
  29. My Sunday School class
  30. My yard and all its fruit tree glory
  31. Cydnee
  32. Music on the internet = free
  33. My nephew Silas
  34. My Gramma
  35. The Downy family
  36. My youth
  37. Hotels
  38. Oregon
  39. Embassy Suits
  40. 4th of July nights
  41. Florence and the Machine
  42. My childhood with my siblings
  43. Growing up in the USA/Washington
  44. Hospitals when your sick
  45. The Loomis's
  46. Electric heat
  47. Wood stove
  48. Breakfast in bed
  49. Darcy
  50. My alternative high school 
  51. Don's 24 diner
  52. Long talks with Brandon
  53. The National
  54. Lisa and Ivan 
  55. Seeing the Nutcracker as a child
  56. All the concerts I have been too
  57. How beautiful my wedding turned out
  58. My Sewing machine
  59. Goggles, I can't swim with out goggles
  60. My passed-down-through-generations wedding ring
  61. The Puyallup fair
  62. My cactus/succulent collection
  63. Jared lets me borrow his camera even though I am a klutz
  64. Last winter
  65. Music that penetrates your soul
  66. My landlords
  67. Thriftstores
  68. My mom being an animal person, showing me how to have love for everything
  69. My husband singing around the house
  70. Clean and heated water
  71. My awesome mug collection
  72. The seemingly limitless internet 
  73. Empire of the Sun
  74. Every Christmas
  75. The one time I stood at the ocean. Not the Sound, the Ocean
  76. Every single one of my friends, even if I am not good at showing it
  77. Trick or treaters
  78. The art of Burlesque
  79. Anything pickled
  80. All my winter clothing
  81. Tea parties
  82. Regina Spektor
  83. Opportunities to dress up
  84. My super cozy bed
  85. Seasons changing
  86.  Richard Bach's books
  87. Visiting pet stores spontaneously
  88. Airports
  89. Photos of my family when we were kids hanging around my house
  90. My little house itself
  91. Color itself
  92. My old friend, Bird
  93. Self control
  94. Late night video games with Jear
  95. Jonathon. For helping me grow up. 
  96. Being open minded
  97. Vegetarian meat products. For those days I just want bacon.
  98. My inner strength
  99. The ability to unconditionally love
  100. R.D

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  1. this made me smile. it made my heart soar. it made me think of all the things i am thankful for. you made my day :) i am thankful for you my dear.