Monday, November 21, 2011

This week at our house...

 I adore these ceramic birds I have been collecting. They are my favorite "thing" in my house!

I made a hair piece out of a honey comb and lace
As usual, always telling me about her day

I wanted to capture the blue sky above the snowing mountain

Thrift store find, I believe. <3 Owls before they were trendy

 Jared was wearing his glasses (which is REALLY rare) so I decided to save that moment
Camera having a mind of it's own. Nice! Alice in Wonderland vibes! See the clock and the cat?

I climbed these snow covered mountains last summer

Easily distracted while cleaning the floors. Rainbow light!


This week has been so peaceful. I am so thankful for my cozy home, my little nest. It's just a single wide but it is home for now and the people in it (and kitties) make it the best place in the world.

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