Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spontaneous Pizza Bake Off

Problem: It's 9:00 pm and here we are with 4 different options for
late night left overs but I can't honestly say I want any of them.
Solution: I want pizza and I wont accept any less.
Problem: We don't even have half of the ingredients for crust or for
toppings and all the stores are closed.
Solution:      Wing it. 

We did not have yeast for one, but that was not going to stop me. I went to Allrecipes.com, (which I love by the way) because there is a section where you can type all the ingredients you would like to add and all the  ingredients  you would NOT like to add -OR- You could type "No yeast pizza crust" and a ton of real people's recipes pop up. It is a bonus that these are real people's recipes because there are a ton of people who comment on how they changed it to suit their taste, what could have been used as alternatives and because it is given a simple five star rating scale.

So we begin.

This is Jared already busy at work. We were torn between two kinds of pizza dough so this is what sparked the "competition"  I chose one with eggs, since I thought it would be interesting. Also, this picture was edited in Photobucket and I really do enjoy that site but I am getting pretty run down from the same editing features, if anyone has a good editing program let me know! I'd like to try something different :)

Where is Maps? It has been too quiet....

Figures! Why does she prefer bags and boxes over fancy toys?

So at this point I am already nervous. I know I can not bake, so what am I doing?! Jared's already looks like dough and mine looks like pancake batter. I read and re-read the intructions 100x
I am just going to call him lucky!

 Okay. So I admit, my egg-y pizza dough was failing miserably. I added way more flour to try and cancel out the thin, soup like texture... not helping one bit. And of course my husband was looking like he was making pizza straight from Italy and I was stuck making breakfast batter. Ugh! I just could not accept defeat, no way! Not that early on! Time for another plan...
 So here was my plan, I was basing this entirely off my first job at Little Caesars. They have really good cheesy bread and I thought I would go that route. I buttered up the pan and... just sort of *plopped* my unattractive dough into the baking pan and spread it out.  (seriously this was the best picture I could take. It looked awful)

 And here is Jared's. He made his own sauce and used the breakfast pizza idea using turk'y bacon, 2 raw eggs, mushrooms, red bell pepper and onion. I was proud of him but I still wanted a decent pizza on my end.

 Here was mine all done. I baked the crust for 10 minutes then added my Mexican inspired toppings. Refried bean sauce, cheese, jalapenos, chopped onions, tomatoes and chips on the side. It was edible but not AWESOME. However...

 Jared's was awesome and won hands down. The egg cooked perfectly and the crust and all toppings went together harmoniously. He did a really amazing job. :) I'll get you next time Jared!!!!!!!!

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