Saturday, January 28, 2012

23 Dates

A great date night last year.

February is just a couple days away. Can you believe it?
Jared and I need to get out of the house. Being unemployed is killing us.
We have been filling our time, trust me, we are not being lazy.
But staying home pretty much every single day is not exactly thrilling.

So I found this wonderful blog and it got me thinking, this is it!
This is gonna get us out of the house next month!
And in honor of Valentines day I figured, why have 1 date night when we could have 23!
I modified their "50 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas" list to make it a little more doable for us!
I plan on taking pictures of each of these dates to share with you!
Next month is going to be a busy one, and that is just the way I want it. :)

Date ideas! 
# 1 Fly kites.
#3 10$ Thrift store contest. May the coolest findings win!
#7 Have a picnic. Indoor-outdoor doesn’t matter!
#10 Make indoor s'mores and camp out in the living room.
#12 Have a movie marathon and make snacks.
#15  Have a spa night. Get the mud masks and cucumber slices out!
# 18 Have a coupon date.  Only go to places you have coupons for. 
#20 Visit a bakery and choose treats for each other.
#21   Take a free factory tour. Anywhere will do! 
#21 Have a "crazy dinner." Each person gets 5$ for any gas station food. Each going to different stores and go home to combined what you got!
# 22 Be a tourist in your own city. Go to a free movie night and take cheesy photos around town.

# 4 Volunteer somewhere. DONE!
# 6 Go to a local sporting event. DONE!
# 5 Make a very fancy breakfast in bed. DONE!
 # 19 Try out a new restaurant. DONE!
#13 Romp around the great outdoors and have a photo shoot. DONE!
# 14 Look up our favorite restaurant's menu online. Recreate their food and add a fancy dessert!
#16  Have a game night. Every kind of game! Cards. Console. Board games. DONE!
#8 Go to the Seattle Art Museum when it is a free Thursday. MISSED EVENT :(
#11 Exercise together. It is not glamorous but it makes it a lot more fun!
# 17 Take a drive. Here, there, anywhere. DONE!
#9 Make lemon meringue pie together. DONE!
#2 Go to an arcade. DONE!