Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just One of Those Days...

my house is a mess
and i don't want to clean it
i say i'm inspired 
but i don't really feel it
i could sew 
but i really don't want too
i could make a list
but there is nothing "to-do"
i don't want to get up
to put wood on the fire
i don't want to cook
i have no desire
i could spread out kids crafts all along the floor
but honestly, truly, who'd i  make them for?
my sunday school class is just 30 minutes
and my creativity today strictly has limits
i could make a dress
but there's no where to go
i dont want to do anything
and that is that ya know?
and now it's raining 
so i'll cancel my walk
my mom needs to be called
but i don't want to talk
i could work out
but i don't really need too  
something something something
something something  ski-doo
this poem kinda sucks
i have writers block

just one of those days
someone cheer me up?

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