Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random Weekly Goodness

Winter is hard on us since we love to be outside so much, but where we live it is just too cold!
But we did what we usually do, just went for it. And the result was the same as usual, a good choice. 
(We live on the wild side, ya know?)

Outside adventures are always fun. I am glad Jared pushes me to get out more, I just get so comfortable inside! But when I go outside and I am commenting on the beauty of 
everything and how amazing every color is, (as if I had forgotten)
 I know it's been WAY TOO long since I have been outdoors. 
BFFL <3 !!! I was sorting through the photos on my computer and I started to look at the pictures that were taken the day we got married. We have changed a ton mentally and physically. It is so cool to look back and see the changes. I set a wedding picture as my desktop. Best day of my life!

 This is what my living room floor has been looking like.  Fabric everywhere!
 Yes, it is messy, but it is such a good feeling. 
Livin' the dream man. Livin' the dream.

You know how men have their "man caves"?  Well this is my WOAHman den. It has everything I want! I have my sewing machine, recipe books, computer, violin, chess board with hidden games inside and some inspiring doodles of mine.  *Favorite spot in the house.*

 The picture on the left is not of great quality, but it really shows Maps, how WE see Maps. 
On the left is an apron I made a bit ago and found again! Woo hoo! (Well not really, but you know how it feels to find something you think you have lost) P.S. Blue, I owe you some scrubs, and yes, those are old lady curtain flowers. Oi.

Sorry about the Beiber hair. I am growing it out okay! Haha

This is a dress I made last night! No pattern or anything. Just free hand with some fabric from Indonesia my "Aunt" gave me. I was trying to go with some high end fancy cut,
 but obviously I still need to work on it. 

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