Thursday, January 19, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Time. I have a lot of time on my hands. I had been planning to go to college this spring quarter and I don't think I am going to be able to make it. I even turned down a pretty fun job offer since I thought I would be attending school in a couple weeks. Yes, I am very disappointed. I am not going to lie, but between the snow storm, therefor not being able to get our car out of the driveway the day I needed to do testing + lack of funds for school supplies and honestly not being 100% ready to go back to school, (everyone says college is different than high school but I LOATHED high school, it was the worst 4 years of my life) maybe it is best I start in the Autumn and get all of my first year done in one chunk. Well, I suppose that gives me 2 more seasons to crochet like a mad woman. I would love to learn to make headbands, pins, doilies, pillows ect. ect ect... Also, I would like to be referred to as "crafty" instead of a 99 year old lady in a 21 year old's body.  Hey! An ability is not something to be made fun of man! : )

Mushroom socks for life!
I was at my in-laws house one time watching T.V. which in my opinion could have been a wonderful instrument for learning and seeing places you will most likely never get to travel too, like little hooka bars in Egypt or dangerous Asian zip-lines, but now featured on every channel is crap food ads and 80% naked ladies and... anyway I am getting distracted and the T.V. is not even in front of me!  Back to sitting in front of the telly a couple months ago. We were all watching some mind numbing fake interview between two animated characters and Jack Black. A quote caught my attention and I never forgot it for some reason.  "What does it mean to play in instrument? It means to get sound out of it. I can play probably all instruments" -Jack Black

I am using the word "playing" very loosely here when I say I am playing the guitar. I am a wimp and since I am not a full hearted learner, (orchestra instruments are much more my thing) the pain from forming chords with my finger tips is just too much and I practice briefly before putting it away.

 I made this little banner out of some yarn 
and old t-shirts I did not want anymore. 
That is what I have been doing with my 
old unwearable clothes that are gnarly 
enough not to go to a second hand store.
Sewing fabrics!
It says "All is Love" 
What do you think? I love it!
I felt this picture was appropriate since I wanted to write about practicing. This is my nephew. Yup! I am an Auntie, which a pretty rad. I love watching this lil dude grow. He has great parents who are really fighting for what they believe in. Their son. It is funny how everyone has their 2 cents about how things should go when it comes to parenting. Hey, if they are not harming anyone and they're following their hearts and instincts, go for it! : ) And in turn hopefully, respectfully they don't shove their parenting style down your throat. (Not that they ever have or would. That was a rather general statement for all parents.) It's a win-win!  He has been practicing walking these last couple days. I can't wait to see him again! 
 Lil' wobblin' legs have made my top 10 most favorite things!

 I got my new and even more lovely bow in the mail a couple of days ago. *Gush, gush, gush*
The mail lady just sat in her car and honked at us. It did not fit in the mail box and she could not get to the door there was so much snow. Jared leaped like a gazelle, a gazelle that was getting wet and cold for his lady gazelle. He is my hero!  (Snow + Handsome Husband? Dreams do come true! ) 
However it did not suddenly make me KABOOM amazing at playing... I thought I ordered that one!
Haha I guess like with everything else, I have got to practice.

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  1. I loved the picture you used of Silas, It's one of my favorites :)