Monday, January 9, 2012

Stay-In Date Night

The husband and I were not feeling too great today but we tried to make the best of it. 
Today was a stay at home, watch movies, chips and salsa for dinner/lunch, pj's all day kind of day.
I was taught how to play poker as Jared fed the fire log by log. Our house has been so warm and cozy lately. After a few card games and learning how to bluff my way into winning,  Jared and I became bored and played chess while making Harry Potter jokes. I felt like today was one of the better days lately. 
Winter blues, ya know?

 This is a really rare site. As we played chess, Maps fell asleep and we could just focus on the game!
 I knew it was not going to last long...

...and just like that. No more games. Catzilla says so...

As we were serving ourselves home grown mushroom pasta, Louis Armstrong came on the radio.  Pretty classy... ;)

 We have been waking up late and staying up until the wee hours of the morning. So once again food was put off and we made dinner at 1 in the morning. Not the healthiest option and I don't suggest it, but for what it was, it was amazing. My husband is a mycologist, I guess you could say, and today we got a large flush of oyster mushrooms. They have a very rich meaty texture and taste. For anyone who could go without meat, I highly suggest mushrooms as a replacement. 
(For taste, not protein ;P  For protein try quinoa. That stuff is great!)

This week I have taken so many pictures that I have wanted to put on my blog. Neat macros of  things around the house, new Christmas goodies, sky photographs (the sky has been just amazing here), and pictures of mushroom cultivation before and after shots! Stay tuned, more to come really soon!

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