Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Week at Our House...

 I landed this awesome desk from my in-laws that I turned into a much wanted vanity.

 These were the bird ornaments I received from the ornament exchange, now they live in our bedroom.

 These little guys live are going to live on my new vanity. The camera was a gift to Jared I found at a thrift store and the vintage "Snow White" lunch pale is filled with my treasures! Also this week I broke my violin bow. Yup, I want a new one, hopefully soon!

 We made omelets. Did you know eggs + rice milk does this? Cool!

Banana carvings were made, and we bought a night light for our bedroom. 

The fog has been rolling through the mountains, sprinkling snow here and there.
Still waiting for snow!
Pretty easy, monotonous week. I can't wait until school starts up again! (But then again, I can. Hehe)

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