Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Farewell Snow.

You know how when snow is about an inch or so deep it is not SUPER good looking?

The grass still pokes out here and there but what's worse is when you walk to the mail box or car, every step along the way rips the precious snow from the ground. 

That always got to my nerves as a kid, but being the oldest sibling had it's perks too.

I made my sisters and little brother play in the backyard when it snowed 
so the snow in the front lawn stayed intact.  The letter "B" is for "Bossy!" 

Maps. Arctic fox in a cat's body.  She LOVED the snow!

Well I am not sure why I was such a picky kid, but ruining a tiny layer of snow 
for aesthetic purposes was not on my concerned list this year.

Snowy Skies
I have never seen so much snow in my life! I woke up about a week ago thinking 
"We're not in Kansas anymore!"

Clear Skies
Jared's little car totally disappeared by the 3rd day and we ended up having to get the 2 + feet of snow off our roof before it collapsed into the house. This is Jared, in our landlord's tractor bucket holding a rake.
This was the "high tech" method we used to get the heavy snow off our roof.

Also as a little side note to anyone who might care; 
meditating (a.k.a. being one on one/being one with God/ The Is) 
-while it is snowing during the day 
-in a warm room 
-with the windows open and 
-lights off  (only the natural light from the snow outside)
such an amazing experience.

You should try it sometime. That is all. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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