Monday, October 24, 2011


      Marriage. The dreams of a long, well planned out wedding ceremony were just not happening for us, so being a fiance did not last long.

      Marrying my best friend was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. We eloped in secret, away from anyone's worries or cares in a courthouse across the street from my city apartment. I chose a Judge based entirely on his name. And I don't believe a man ever loved his job any more than he did. Shaking and wiggling my legs saying our "I do's" with just my mother and elementary school friend thinking, back on how I thought, I would NEVER get married.

    We went to The Cheesecake Factory that night with an amazing little secret almost no one on earth knew but us. We, were married! In a fancy hotel we drank champagne and watched the stars go by. That was the most exciting, nerve-racking day of my entire 20 years at that point. That was the day I knew I truly had something others coveted, cherished and desired with all their hearts. I am so blessed.

I have Unconditional love, 

     I am no princess and it took more than a little strength, a million tears and long sleepless nights to get my prince. So if I may, I would love to share with you what my version of "happily ever after" is. My projects, recipes and all my ideas are fueled entirely by the love God has in me. I would not be me if I had not accepted this mind blowing fact.

                   Truthfully, Challice