Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 Years and an Associates Degree Later...

This simple story begins about 6 years ago.

I was sixteen when my mom pulled me into her bedroom. I was not in trouble, I truly never broke her rules, (with my index finger I am circling and invisible halo around my head making oohing and awing noises) so I did not know what was going on. "I am pregnant" she said. I felt so many things, disappointed, worried for her health, the babies health, surprised, excited, but most of all,          alone.
She did not let me tell anyone for a while which was the hardest thing! My youngest brother was ten so there was quite a gap and my mom was not married so she was embarrassed. However my siblings and I did not care what others thought, we were just excited to have a baby in the house.

That year in a high school home ec. class, I started making a pink and black quilt. I was betting everything I was going to have another little sister. Then out came Landon, 100% boy. Dang! What was I going to do with this 90% finished quilt?

I heard that a friend in my family had a baby girl, a reason to finish the quilt! Nope, she had so many blankies already. What to do, what to do? A couple years later my sister in law conceived her first child. A beautiful baby boy, but a boy none the less. Who would I give this little pink quilt too?
It is just sitting in my hallway closet collecting dust.

A couple of days ago my mother in law told me her friend was starting a quilting class and... "SIGN ME UP!" I interjected... She did not even get a chance to ask if I wanted to go! I love sewing and I know how to quilt but I want to go anyway. Jared asked if I had ever quilted. I was confused, had he not ever seen the little quilt tucked away in the hallway?

Last night I brought it out and showed him. I laughed at the fabrics I chose back then. I was very into the whole "emo" scene so I picked hearts, polka dots, and stripes. What a combo! Heehee. I laid it on the living room floor and asked Jared what to do with it. Should I just toss it? He smiled. That sort of smile that gives me shivers down to my feet, the sort of shivers I felt when we first kissed. He asked when I am done with my 2 years of college and I have my full degree if we could welcome a little baby into the world.(Which I had been bringing up a ton these last few months) He says he feels in his gut we are going to have a girl first. I guess we shall see. Either way  I am beyond excited, and these next 2 years are going to seem like eternity. We have names picked and we have been talking a long time about what kind of parents we would like to be. Hopefully the world does not get too bad before then, but that is a topic I'd like to keep to myself. It is crazy how time flies. It seems like just yesterday Mr.Vangus was walking me to my first grade classroom. Ah life. :)

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  1. What a sweet post. That quit is gorgeous! I don't think it's "emo" at all. I've been wanting to learn how to quilt for awhile and Caleb mentioned the class to me but I'm nervous about being away from Silas since hes been SUPER clingy to me lately. It might just have to be something I pick up later. I am just so excited for you and Jared to have a baby, you're gonna be an awesome mom! Btw, I have decided to have my next baby at home! It won't be for awhile but I'm reading everything I can find about homebirth, it sounds so peaceful!