Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh Hi!

 This is what I have been doing lately...

Pulling the darn rocks out of my garden(s)! 
But it's all good.
All the hoeing, sorting rocks (which SUCKS!), more hoeing and mixing compost is finally going to pay off.
Getting the tomatoes in the second garden has been on my "to-do" list for such a long time!
I felt like my lil babies graduated! 
(At least from their baby pots)

This is the first garden. It has a ton of little guys in there right now.
All we can do now is wait!
(Don't mind Jared's "not having fun" face.
 I had to get a ton of picture retakes on his phone to get this one just right.)
The third and final garden is going to be a potato garden.
Hmmm. I have never grown potatoes before but I guess we shall see what happens!

'Till next time!

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