Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Day We Ate Snails

When my Gramma calls she says the same thing about Jared every time. "He is such a good husband to you." And that friends, is spot on. I have been itching to go to the ocean for a few weeks now but it is SO FAR AWAY.  This seems like it would not make sense since we are a coastal state, but the only thing within driving distance from us is the Puget Sound. So Jared took me to the bay and saved the ocean trip for another day. He is also very good at picking up my hints (Which seems to be a rare trait among men! hehe) and he knew I had been craving seafood so we went out to eat at a little place called ...

Oyster Creek Inn! Where I had my first positive experience with eating oysters and Jared felt brave enough to try escargot! Sadly, once again, we dug in so fast we forgot to take pictures!

As it turns out, snails are much softer than I imagined. I thought they would be more like squid.  Jared thought they were a bit to earthy for his taste. He said they tasted a bit too much like the forest floor. Haha, coming from Jared who eats mushrooms all the time off the forest floor I found that a bit humorous. 

Here is us! At Larrabee State Park.


We are both really anxious to know the gender of our future "little". 
Just a couple more weeks to wait! 

One of the funny things about Jared is he LOVES flowers. 
I would rather have vegetable plants, but he is so stuck on all the pretty flowers. 
He was just amazed at the amount of rhododendrons at the park.

I caved. I admit. I don't like flip flops and I am very partial to skinny jeans but lately...
Who cares!? 
I am chubby, waddling and sassy... so fashion can come back once I have this baby!

Jared, not waiting for Madam Slowpants to waddle my bottom through the tunnel.
He just wanted to get to the beach.

And finally we were there.
Oysters and slugs in our belly.
It was such a good adventure.

Until next time...


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