Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life Lately

Over the last month, all of our Sunday school classes worked together to make a huge "Creation" project. Each class was given a day or two of creation, and with those days, build a huge poster. When all the classes worked together, each creation day's poster was lined up in a row and it looked really nice! Our class was assigned day 4. The day the sun, moon, stars and planets were created. (A pretty cool day if I do say so myself...) The teachers were asked to bring snacks matching with their day. I could not do it alone so I had my best friend "Spiffy" come over and help me make planet cakes and shooting star cupcakes! It was a huge success, and as usual, too much cake! I don't even like cake! (Except cheese cake! Mmmmmm!) Poor Jared misses these guys so bad. He has had to work Sundays again, so he never see's the kids! I asked them what we should name baby (Even though the names are chosen!) and I got the following names: Baby Flower, Aurora, (oddly enough, I had considered in the past) Cinderella, Dr. Pickle and Baby Spongebob. (My personal fav!) I asked them, "What about when it's not a baby anymore?" Old Man Spongebob? 
Hmmmm.... I think we are just going to stick to the names we have!

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