Friday, January 27, 2012

Future Dreams
Landlords. I have had great ones, bad ones and good ones. And they happened just like that actually. I don't have a problem with landlords for this reason- If anything were to go wrong in your home it is their responsibly to fix it. I know it makes me sound selfish but it is not my house so I wouldn't really want to fix it since I don't own the place. That makes sense right?  I mean, if not for landlords, I would have paid out of pocket for plumbing, new front doors, warping bathroom walls ect. and I only lived those places a year or so. So needless to say, in THAT way, it is not so bad to not actually own a house. But that is the only ...

However the pro's and con's are very out weighed.


In most rental homes you can not paint the walls. (Which is a very cruel punishment for this lady. I LOATH white walls!) No or limited animals, which is so sad. (I actually have dreams of smuggling corgi puppies into my bedroom!) And well, the main reason is it is not MY house, so I can't do whatever I want with it!

But enough with the boring stuff!  Here are the idea's we have had for such a long time, for when we can finally buy property (most likely in Eastern Wa) for our cob house! Yes, a cob house. If you don't know what they are here are some pictures, and if you DO know what they are and you're under the impression they are little mud huts think again!

If God allows, I would like to get my teaching degree within the next 4 years and then start the process of building our own house. Then come BABIES! But I am getting way ahead of myself... Plus, God probably is laughing at my little "life plan" but hey, a girl can dream.

So here are our ideas for our future home. I know everyone has dreams like these, but I just know we can make it happen! (In time. Waiting is the hardest part.)

  • Book shelves built into the wall
  • Morning Glory growing up the walls and over the windows
  • An amazing art room
  • Owning ducks, cows, dogs, cats and whatever else happens to come our way
  • Sunflowers growing over the kitchen windows in the summer time
  •  A music and recording room
  • A huge garden
  • Cubby holes for shoes by the front door
  • An outdoor cob oven, think about how that pizza would taste!
  • Glass bottles (stained glass style) windows
  • A circular living room with a sunk in floor (pretty much the worlds coolest hooka lounge)
  • An island in the kitchen with hanging pots and pans above
  • Large bath and bathroom, cozy enough for a possible water birth or two :)
  • A closed in back porch connected to our master bedroom
  • And living as self sustaining as possible (we are not sure how yet but we are looking into all of our options. Wind power baby!)
 And last but certainly not least
  • 3 green houses 
  1.  For flowers
  2.  For edible or fruiting plants that need special care away from the weather
  3.  A mushroom growing house
Found at Pinterest!
This is very close to the circular living room I dream of except you have to visualize it made of cob instead of wood. I would keep the bookshelves built into the walls but - the fancy shmancy furniture.

Both photos were found at Pinterest!
 I love the little details, like the marbles in this fence and the non traditional wooden walking path.
Wouldn't that be lovely leading up to green houses?

Found at Pinterest!
Can you imagine this in a childs bedroom? The fireplace would have to be off /locked in some way when they were little though. But I love the idea of a bunk bed style sleeping/reading spot for them with a bunch of cubbies down below for their things. I guess I am cubby obsessed! :P

Found at Pinterest!
Ugh. This is such a prefect arts and craft room. I adore the lighting in this photo!
And there are my dreams. What do you dream of?

....Stay Tuned! I am having a February Photography Frenzy next month! ....


  1. Those are spiffy! Caleb was looking at land on the East side yesterday and it's real cheap ya'll!

  2. That would be so neat to live close to you guys long term!!!!! :D