Saturday, December 3, 2011

Good in Pairs

I don't want to start off on a negative note here, but it's a good introduction to my week so far. Everything in our house this week has been happening in 2's. Such as this pizza pan that we use all the time, which is now broken in two. Rest in pieces little pizza pan. My mom said she had an extra, that makes 2 pizza pans.

 I am not sure what this style of art is called but it always catches my eye and has been popping up all over the place lately. But maybe it's that new car awareness syndrome? Once you buy a black Jeep suddenly everyone and their mother has a black Jeep. Or if you dye your hair red instantly you notice, red hair is not such a rare thing? Maybe that kind of thing?  Either way, I have a few birds like this but not an even number. Jared found this at a thrift store and wanted it. I begged him to buy it (maybe secretly for me too) because then we would finally have an even number of these little guys! Jared, king of random raps and rhymes called this a psychedelic snail with a quail, but we soon learned it was not a quail and were pretty bummed that didn't apply anymore. Hehehe

 This was us on our 1st anniversary. I feel like we make quite the pair. <3 

 If you take a closer look at these two boring looking landscape photos you can see there are 2 very strange clouds just sitting in the sky. They were there for a very long time, we even drove about 20 miles away and took another photo from a totally different angle. These photos don't show how interesting it looked but these are the 2 very lazy clouds all snuggled together that we saw this week.

 Jared's cat in-scent holder and my make shift ash catcher, always sitting on the entertainment center waiting for a lighter or a match to wander by and light up a in-scent with a interesting name like, "Vanilla Summer".
I bought these two owls and they were separated in my house forever. One was being used as a door stop. Well, I would not want to be the door stop owl, so I found something else and put him back with his brother. I am over thinking it but hey, that is what I do. 

We found this really amazing looking tree art at a second hand store. I thought it was really cool that it was a different take on a tree, I would have never thought about that! Now all I have to do is find a place to put it.
 My favorite find this week. It reminds me of Joseph's coat of many colors. I am going to wear thing thing out. I am sure of it, after all it is so cool
 how could I not wear it ALL THE TIME!!!!???

Lastly my little couple of babies. Map's is getting so big, I hope she does not pull our entire Christmas tree down. I have already heard a few bulbs fall and her batting them around against the floor. (Yipes!) Who knows though? Maybe MerDock will teach his ways, and by "ways" as you can see down below, I mean chilling out in the sun light not getting into anything and everything. One can only dream. :)

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