Saturday, December 24, 2011

Drama Mama's!

Jared was playing one of is old childhood video games and as I was watching he told me "I avoid getting into fights, they slow you down while you're trying to play." I laughed and asked if he meant in Chrono Cross or the game of life.

My husband and I rarely ever disagree, on important things at least. (He likes eggnog. There are some things we simply can not agree on. Ew! Hehehe) But today like the rest of this month, both of our mothers have been pulling on our heart strings in attempt to be the mother to have us over for Christmas. I am sure this sounds familiar to many couples, and the woman is always thinking, "Why can't he just stick up to his mom?!". But then Jared asked me a valid point, why don't I stick up to my mom?

The easy solution is to swap every other year with the in-laws...right? I can't think of any other way to make it fair, can you? Seems easy enough but I am on married Christmas #2 and last Christmas one mother complained how unfair it was. Now on Christmas #2 the opposite mother is heart broken. So what do you do? How do you make both sides of the family happy? Is this even possible? All I know is I can not wait until we have our own little kids and we can just do Christmas at our own home most of the time. This time of the year is not supposed to be about stress, money or endless bickering, so let's not make it into that. All we want is to be with our family on Christmas without crushing half of the family members. It does not matter if one mother is buying everyone who comes to her house, tickets to Paris, a new car, and a life time supply of chocolates. (Well that might sway my opinion a little!)

His parents.
Her parents.
His parents.
Her parents.

I wish it was that easy.
Men. Easy going, passive creatures that would do anything to avoid confrontation... especially when a bunch of ladies but 'em in the middle of it.

Ladies. Always putting men in the middle of things!

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