Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Goods!

Good things from this week!

My sister in law bought me these two finch salt and pepper shakers for Christmas. (I adore them!)

 Looking farther out the window, the weather has been awful lately.
 No snow in the forecast, just rain storms and gloom. 
But the gloom allowed me to take this pretty photo of our bare apple tree. 

I copied this idea from "Pinterest" and gave it to my little sister in law as a gift. 
I hope she will hang it in her cute bedroom.

We got these mushroom ornaments from my mom and brother in law... Possibly Jared's favorite gifts!
One of my favorite gifts was a simple teapot Jared's dad bought us. 
I have been looking for one for what seems like forever!

 And last but not least my new favorite scarf from my mother in law!
We really scored this Christmas. I am so thankful! 
I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday season as well!


  1. I'm so glad you like your birds! :)

  2. My favorite gift was the necklace you gave me, but I have not gotten a good shot of it yet. Seriously, you got me my two favorite gifts other than my violin. Thank you a billion! :)