Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FREE Biodegradable Autumn Wreath Idea

A little while ago I took a walk with Jared on the local trail which is such a beautiful place. I try not to take it for granted and I'll definitely miss it when we move from here. The leafs were blowing around everywhere and were still in good condition. We made a game of trying to find the biggest leaf, Jared won by a long shot. :) I still did not know what I was going to use them for but I gathered a TON and when I got home we looked around the yard for anything colorful or with an interesting texture. I ripped out my sad little corn stalks, trying to tell myself, "They were just baby corns! That was the problem!"  I also possibly ran into the neighbors yard with scissors aimed right at their shrubs... possibly... and I hacked off a few little branches of the multi-colored young trees in the garden. (Man, this is sounding violent!) Suddenly *BINGO* The idea of the wreath was born!

Maps "helping" and looking at how beautiful these decaying leafs are
My corn did horribly this year! So I figured I better use it somehow...
Off the topic of wreaths, but I looked over to my kitchen sink window while taking pictures and I wanted to show you this really neat rock we found that looks just like a skull, am I right??!!

Step 1. Layer all the biggest type of leaf you have into a circle, one on top of another and so forth...
Don't worry about any sticking out stems, we will fix that later.
Step 2. Once your done there is a little problem... some stems will be on top of other leaves which does not look so nice. Not too fear....

Step 2. (Continued) Lift the leaves from where you very first started making the circle and simply tuck the stems in...

This is how it should look when all the stems are tucked under
Perfectly flowing all one direction
Step 3. I grabbed a very big serving bowl and put it directly upside down on the center of the leafs like so...

Step 4. Now with one hand on the bowl and one hand UNDER the leafs, quickly and carefully flip the leafs over...

Ta-da! Flipped over and still in one piece!

Step 5. Now that the leafs are flipped and heading into the the same infinite direction, the stems should be as well. Since we need the wreath to stay together, I tied a few stems together all over, over and over since I kept seeing a stem untied. Make sure ALL the stems are tied to other stems or the wreath will fall apart. It needs to be strong enough you can pick it up for the next steps...
I just double knotted mine and ended with a bow so the knots would not come undone
See how there are STILL stems poking out? Ugh, it takes a while but they all must be tied for support and so your wreath will have a clean hollow hole in the middle
Step 6. If you are sure your wreath is now steady, go ahead and give it a flip.
Step 7. Anything and everything else. My second biggest item would be my corn stalks so I bent the leafs over and tucked it right in. Then, you guessed it!!! Tie it to the leaf stems.
Step 8. Add anything else you would like in the same way I added the corn.
Step 9. Fix it up! Move leafs around pull things closer to make certain parts fuller or less full and once your happy with it, hang that biodegradable sucker up! I bet it looks awesome!

Here is mine all done and up on our door! Hope you enjoy! 
Also When your done you can just throw it in your garden or compost or wherever you want! :)

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