Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Decorations

It is always such a great day when they are being put up,
And such a sad say when they come down.

This Christmas is going to be small, but really fun.

 (Left side) You know how every year there are always strings of holiday lights that worked fine last year and are being stubborn this year? Instead of wasting a few hours trying to get them to work, I simply pulled out the bulbs and put them in to some fancy glasses. I suppose some years I will want to deal with 'em and some years I wont! 
Also sorry the top of the wood stove is messy, 
I clean that stuff off ALL THE TIME and it is right back the second we build a fire! 
(Right side) A new painted bulb I found. Pretty sweet deal! .30 cents!
(Left side) We have too many stockings, but I just love them all! 
(Right side) This is a little tree my mother in law made me for Jared and I's first Christmas.
We bought some brand used ornaments this year. I love the golden feather!

 I love my house.
 My mother always made such a fuss about having the perfect angel for our Christmas tree as a child, so as an adult I did not want to settle on angel I did not totally adore. Every year I made a different tree topper until this year. I found her! She is simple, sweet and beautiful, don't you think?!
Beautifully detailed new Christmas ornament for us!

Our tree is up and I am just waiting for the snow! 
What does your tree look like?

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