Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Facing the Fats... I Mean Facts!

Last night I ate about half a jar of pickles. I kept heading back and forth and back and forth to the fridge.
Last night I noticed my face was the most broken out it had ever been.
Last night I took off my (usually) loose wedding ring since it felt too tight.

Either I am pregnant, (which is very unlikely, but we would be SO EXCITED!!! AHHH!!!...But that is another topic!) or I am in a vicious circle of ....

I am eating more because I am gaining weight.
I am gaining weight because I am eating more.

This is so hard to break! Because I've stretched my stomach since my body has gotten used to eating food anytime I want, now I feel hungry all the time! I exercised 2 nights ago and I forgot how good it felt! There is such a high I forgot about! I am going to restart drinking at LEAST 60 ounces of water daily, take my daily vitamins, work out every night before bed and eat smaller, healthier portions. I have not started losing any weight yet, and according to my Wii Fit, I have actually gained 10 pounds since summer! I made myself a promise that by Christmas I would lose X amount of pounds, but that is going to have to be extended until New Year UUUUGGGHH! No matter. I will keep trying, but during the holidays is SO hard! Going to go exercise now... Hopefully a more positive update coming soon! 

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