Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blue Bunny Inspiration

Hello. This, is my newest inspiration:
Her name is Lindsey Stirling and she amazes me for quite a few reasons.
Her violin abilities of course.  
She is very comfortable in her own skin,
Her quirkiness and she puts off happy vibes...

In elementary school I used to play viola but never I stuck to it or practiced. I told Jared about how I should have never let that go and he bought me a violin for Christmas! I've had it for five days or so and I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which is not much of an achievement but I am learning pretty fast. The worst thing about it is, I just want to play as fast as the video above and that well right now! This whole practicing thing is taking forever! (I say that five days into it. Hahaha)

She reminds me very much of my best friends Blue and Bunny. Blue moved down south and now lives a few plane rides from me. I think of her pretty much everyday. Bunny also moved and I know she will continue to move around in all her life. She has such a sweet, free spirit. Together we grew up into the adults we are today, not in the childhood sense, but as best friends.

My Maids of Honor
At a Halloween party back at my ol' studio a few years ago.

Picture 1. Blue and I at The Killers concert in Seattle. We look SO young!
Picture 2. Blue and I in Capital Hill at Red Light trying on all the costumes.

This picture was taken right before Bunny and I got my septum and her side nose piercings. Good times!

Blue showed me what it meant to have an open mind, and how to be true to yourself with out hurting others.
Bunny taught me what truly meant to be forgiven after being a total pain, which in turn taught me how important trust was. And like Lindsey Stirling, they both really have fun with who they are, spunky, a little crazy and true to themselves. Which is why I can't wait until I am really good at violin. Haha. I hope at some point all three of us are in the same state again for a bit, I would love to play them a song. : ) Thanks for the inspiration Blue and Bunny! I miss you both dearly.

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