Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Wonderful Sunday Kids

My class was in a play a couple of days ago and I came right home to edit pictures so I could put them on my blog, but I only got the editing half done since I have been Christmas shopping! (Which believe it or not I am incredibly excited for, since I mostly bought craft items so I can make gifts this year, YAY!!!) But besides all that, I finally got around to putting them up. I just love the colorful costumes my mother in law made and I wanted to capture the fun they were having all dressed up. Here was the problem, how do I share them with out posting their faces? (Since I feel that is inappropriate, am I wrong?)  So I took many picture without a full facial shot. What do you think?

This was the metal tin I mentioned in my previous post...
I love his smile!
The tin man? Hehe
Fancy bling bling

Getting ready...

Keeping 'em busy...

He actually chose the celery over cookies. I was shocked!

Dad in law at the church

3 Kings

Mother in law

This little girl is the angel I mentioned in my previous post. ...

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