Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Little Late Is Better Than Never Right?

Onyx has been one month old for a couple weeks now and I just don't understand how the time passed!
The last month of pregnancy is comparable to the adventure in Lord Of The Rings. 
Except you play gollum and walking from one part of the house to the other is like the epic walk to Mordor.
Everything is exhausting, normal things become obstacles and shoot! You're waaaay heavier than usual so it's hard to be cheery. But the first month after they are born?  It feels like 5 days- a week at most... and also an eternity. 
It's hard to imagine you're life without them.

Somebody is wearing cloth diapers during the day now.
And somebody hasn't yet noticed they are second hand... FROM A GIRL! :P

This kid loves his dad, lemme tell ya. There are times when he is flustered that I can't get him to calm down, Grandma can't calm him down, Grandpa can't calm him down. Just Jared and only Jared. It's also possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, to see them snuggling fast asleep.

... and this is his thinking face. He's got this one down pretty well along with *dead serious* face and then random (and increasing!) bursts of smiles. I love it. Being a mom is way better than I expected. Is that crazy to say?

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