Tuesday, January 1, 2013

PS. I Love You.

Dear Onyx,

You are 2 months and 4 days old today.

      You share big gummy grins with everyone, but they wont be gummy for long! (You're getting teeth!) Which has been hard but we have a secret weapon if need be. The vacuum cleaner. Oh yes, it works! We just push the "on" button and you slowly start to relax. I can't take the pain away, but I will be with you when you go through it.

      This morning you suddenly became aware of your toes. You woke me up around 8 like you normally do, with only a minor interruption for the usual 5:30 am feeding. (Other than that you already sleep through the night!) I place you on my bent knees like a chair until I wake up. It takes me a few. Hehe. So anyway, this morning I noticed you were in a intense stare down with your littlest digits just wiggling them away. Then you tried to snatch one up! You looked so disappointed, not to mention confused why your arm just wouldn't do what you were trying to make it do! So I might have helped a little... You seemed pretty satisfied as you were wiggling your toes between your chubby fingers. It's been a good morning already!

      Bathing has been a fun experience. I was so afraid at first, you didn't even touch soapy water until you were over a week old. I figured out some tricks though, so I feel you're safe and you feel pumped to be in the bath! 

  1. Plan. I make sure you don't have a nudey booty until the last minute so you're not cold and I have an open towel, diaper and outfit all on standby.
  2. Warmth. I keep a little washcloth over the majority of your body re-soaking it with water every few seconds so you keep warm.
  3. Royalty drying session. I dry you off with a hair dryer on low (and you love it!)
      Other than that, it's just a bath, but you sure seem to enjoy yourself. :)

      After your bath and morning nap we pretty much play all day until 9-9:30 at night when you fall asleep and we start all over the next day. I can't wait until you're laughin' kid. You're SO CLOSE!

      I'll write again soon.
                      Your mom.

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