Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye Christmas!

This clock was always so cool when I was a kid at my grandparents house. 
It would chime every hour and slowly turn from the sun to the moon as the day progressed.
 I was so happy my grandma still had it since she got rid of many of her possessions when she moved down south.  

For Christmas we had my grandmother's friends over to share a potluck style dinner. I made these name tags for all of our guests. Halfway through I realized I hadn't made any representing the real reason we celebrate and I made "Ronda" and "Sachie's" name tags and felt a lot better. ^^

Pretty things from around the house...
The rose paintings were another thing I was glad she kept. As a kid I thought those were the bee's knees!
... I was also pretty set on being a rose gardener for a brief period (maybe that's why I dug those rose paintings so much?) before I wanted to be a professional back up dancer, an opera singer and then to my most favorite
(which I am still to this day very much into) a wardrobe specialist for far off fantasy movies like the Chronicles of Narnia or Snow White. For now I think I'll just stick to sewing costumes for this bub.vv

Here I'm texting my mom, telling her I miss her and Washington. I missed the cold and all things green.
She told us while we were there that she wanted to be referred to as "Nana" for Onyx.
I love it! Grandma just didn't fit her. 

Table settings and more pretty things...

All of us getting our baby snuggles in before company came over.
I love him more everyday.

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