Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easy Noodles!

 Growing up we ate A LOT of ramen. I mean A LOT, but it is one of the few things that was not ruined due to over-doing it as a kid. However if you put a whole wheat peanut butter sandwich with and a handful of pretzels on a plate in front of me I would up and leave. Eating that for lunch everyday for 2 years can do that do a person. Anyways, I can still eat ramen, and I really enjoy it, as simple as it is! I blame this on the fact that I discovered the BEST way to cook it a couple years ago but incase someone out there had never done this before I figured I should let 'em know!

First off I'd like to get the idea out of your head that ramen = soup.
I don't like ramen in soup form and I don't know many people that do!


I put a few handfuls of veggies/toppings into about 3 cups of boiling water,
whatever you would like really! Mushrooms, peanuts, chicken, shrimp, leeks, peppers, whatever!
And cook everything until it's done.
Next add the ramen noodles and the flavor pack.
Stir about every 3 minutes. Leave the lid off.
Cook on medium until there isn't any water left in the pan.


A couple little helpful tips:

You can't add too much water.
If you boil the water out and the noodles are not done yet,
 add half a cup and wait till the water boils out again.

Also be sure to cook your meats FIRST,
before adding them to the water/veggies.

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