Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last Week at Our House...

 Packing Jared's work lunches.

 Have you ever gone through those times where you are SO HUNGRY? 
That's me. I've been cooking everything!

 I made a banner for my nephews first birthday. I think it turned out pretty well!

I also made these cool tissue orbs decorations for the little guy's party.

 I can't wait until we can have a first birthday party for our future baby!

 On the left is our new door. Much classier than the old "hardly ever shuts" door.
And on the right is Owlbert who now lives on my desk. He is made of a TP roll and Owlbert is also classy.

I have grown to love these little 5 pounders. Working out a little everyday. 

 We didnt have a place for all of my pins so I made this neat-o pin holder out of an old mason jar and some fabric. 

 The sunrises around here have been just wonderful. 

 Jared deciding jalapenos would look great on his finger tips. Hopefully he didn't rub his eyes... again..

 5am mornings. Bitter sweet. 
Make up and coffee half asleep.

 Sewing sewing sewing.
 Right now I am working on a dress, and a couple days ago I finished these sweet leggings!

Sorry I have not been posting a ton lately! Let's just say there is a lot going on in our little world.

Posting more soon!

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