Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Ending of "Date Month"

Well, I am going to admit I am a little disappointed we did not get to complete all of our dates, but truth be told, money was tight last month and I am glad for what we did accomplish.

Date night involving LED lights a couples years ago...

Dates we completed:

# 4 Volunteer somewhere. DONE!
# 6 Go to a local sporting event. DONE!
# 19 Try out a new restaurant. DONE!
#13 Romp around the great outdoors and have a photo shoot. DONE! 
# 14 Look up our favorite restaurant's menu online. Recreate their food and add a fancy dessert!
#16  Have a game night. Every kind of game! Cards. Console. Board games. DONE!
#8 Go to the Seattle Art Museum when it is a free Thursday. MISSED EVENT :( 
#11 Exercise together. It is not glamorous but it makes it a lot more fun! 
# 17 Take a drive. Here, there, anywhere. DONE! 
#5 Make a very fancy breakfast. DONE!
#2 Go to an arcade. DONE!
#9 Make lemon meringue pie together. DONE!

Things we are going to do later: 

(At least that is how I like to think of it!)

# 1 Fly kites.
#3 10$ Thrift store contest. May the coolest findings win!
#7 Have a picnic. Indoor-outdoor doesn’t matter!
#10 Make indoor s'mores and camp out in the living room.
#12 Have a movie marathon and make snacks.
#15  Have a spa night. Get the mud masks and cucumber slices out!
# 18 Have a coupon date.  Only go to places you have coupons for. 
#20 Visit a bakery and choose treats for each other.
#21   Take a free factory tour. Anywhere will do! 
#21 Have a "crazy dinner." Each person gets 5$ for any gas station food. Each going to different stores and go home to combined what you got!
# 22 Be a tourist in your own city. Go to a free movie night and take cheesy photos around town.

There is always time to be together. 

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