Friday, August 3, 2012


We are all learning to be a little more patient. 

Even though I am not the best artist in the world, (who is?!) I've learned I should draw more.
I love it.


Taking more pictures, but also learning to be in the moment is something I need to practice.

Forget thorns in roses. We've learned there are white spiders waiting to scare you in even the most beautiful roses.

MerDock has not learned how to fight back.
The night after this photo he got his little butt beaten up again resulting in a rather horrible face abscess. Poor guy.

I've learned the butter cups turn into spike balls after they lose their petals.

Jared learned how to make a bow out of a tree branch and string. 
I had to learn not to shoot the arrow (our one and only) across the property into the yard waste pile,
because chances are, you'll never see it again.

I've learned that bee-fly hybrids exist? 

I've learned some people see Jesus in their toast, but I see ninja turtles in shaving cream.
Also, too much cilantro is too much cilantro
even if you plan on making jars and jars of salsa...

I've learned I need to be outside more.

I've learned most people dismiss miracles for mere coincidences, and that is very hard to take in.

I've learned sometimes Jared has more faith in the little things than I do.

I've learned I make good salsa, but I want to make GREAT salsa, so I need practice.

We learned how to make vegetarian egg rolls!

'Til next time!

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