Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Too Many Tamales?

Does anyone else watch cooking shows while eating something mediocre pretending it's that tantalizing lasagna, heavenly quiche, or the crumbly fruit tart the chef is making? Well, I do and I have a favorite. Good Eats. I love that show, it's so geeky but I love the little facts and men dressed in food suits as Alton Brown explains food chemistry. (I need the visual aid) I love it, love it, love it. That man can make even grits (gross!) look delish, and I end up wanting to make everything he makes in his show. He has mind powers, I think.

About two months ago I watched one of his episodes. Tamales. I guess I never fully appreciated the art that goes into tamales because I didn't know exactly what they were. So for a couple months now I have had the ingredients sitting aside waiting for that perfect night, tamale night. And it finally happened last week!

I can't follow recipes to save my life, but I knew the basic idea was to make them vegetarian and I heard a lot of good things about adobo chili sauce. Let me just tell you, adobo sauce is the best sauce ever. I'd never lie to you! It's the honest truth! I don't know why I have not been eating it since I was a toddler. 22 years before adobo sauce is far too long for anyone to wait. Anyways I am getting side tracked. My veggie tamales took about three hours to make, 1. I was going pretty slow and 2. They do take quite a bit of time, but they were so worth it. I apologize for not having a recipe on hand to share but if I may give you some advice; don't be afraid of lard. It's truly just as "gross" as butter. Also, adobo sauce. Try it and you wont regret it.

 The only thing I am sad about is I added some vegetarian chipotle sausage in my mix *Original Field Roast Brand* (I highly recommend them) and the very first ingredient is wheat gluten. I forgot Jared can't have gluten anymore... So I pretty much ate all 30 or so tamales by myself. I tried to pretend it was just too many for little ol' me to eat, but there are NEVER too many tamales. :)

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