Thursday, November 29, 2012

Missing Summer

I know it just ended, but I guess I wasn't ready.
I miss our garden. The peas, carrots, tomatoes and squash...
I miss Jared bringing in kale from outside to put in my smoothies I was so obsessed with during pregnancy.
I miss the walks, the sunglasses and the parks...

I can't even explain how good food tastes that YOU, yourself grew.
Carrots, squash and peas...
How I miss you.

...and then there were the flowers.
Long gone now.


Our neighbors adopted two new kittens named Dixie and Dorothy.
They are almost full cat size now, but still stuck in that gangly teenage phase. 

I hate to say it, but I also miss my belly in a way.
BUT it's so much better to be able to hold Onyx and snuggle him face to face.
I wouldn't give that up for anything. 

I even miss the summer bugs!
I can't wait to go to Arizona for Christmas. We are going to be staying with Golden Gram and neither
 Jared or Onyx has ever been to Arizona, and I've never been during the winter! Oh to see the sun again...

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