Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dear Onyx,

I must have forgotten to post this!
Better late than never right? :O!!?

Your Grandma did an amazing 37 week pregnancy photo shoot for us. Up there, in that photo, is you! All snuggled up! It's pretty hard to believe. 

It's been so long since I wrote you last! I have changed my mind on so many ideas I had on how I want to be your parent! All for the good, I promise! Your dad and I have learned SO MUCH! We took 12 pregnancy classes and met some nice friends there. We changed midwifes, but I bet you already knew that because when she checks your position, feeling around on my tummy (she is the one with icy cold fingers) you always kick/punch her away. Haha

Here are some things we have learned about you:
I have learned you are an intense meat lover and I have no idea where that came from. I only started regularly eating meat again since I became pregnant. You dance and dance when I eat it. That's well, kinda gross little dude, but I love you anyway.

You don't like being touched, at first it kinda hurt my feelings. I am not gonna lie. I realized though, that doesn't mean you don't like me, (which I did have a total crying breakdown over, but your dad calmed me down) that probably just means you will be independent! Good for you! Just no running away from me into the road or something like that. I'd probably have a heart attack! I promise to give you space and freedom as best I can though.

Along with not liking being touched you tend to smack away or hide from any hand that touches my belly. This leads me to believe you might have adopted your father's childhood pickiness. Well who better to have a fussy son than a fussy father? Karma sucks! Heehee. Did you know your dad used to freak out and cry every time he put socks on as a kid because he could feel the "linty balls" poking him? To this day he still wears his socks inside out because if it. I wont knock it though. I tried it a few weeks ago and, yeah, it feels preeeetty good!

Your bedroom is all set up and waiting for you. Even if you're not going to be sleeping in there at first, it was really important to me to have a room waiting for you. I am 5 days passed my "guess date" for you being born and still waiting little guy! Everybody is! I keep getting texts, messages and calls all the time asking if it was your big day! Nope. Still waiting on you love. You can come anytime now. Even tonight! Tomorrow morning! Lunch time! Dinner! As soon as possible? Please? Please? Pretty please?
Oh fine. No pressure... I guess.

We just really want to meet you and kiss your little face.
See you SOON????? You are 39 weeks old after all! :)

Love, your Mum.

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