Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Good To Be Back

Back to normal that is! 
For the last 9 months I went from too nauseous to write posts, so I posted pictures. (Tri 1)
Too tired to go many places or make many new things, so I took pictures of the life around me. (Tri 2)
Then finally, to so uncomfortably immobile that my blog took the back seat. (Tri 3)

It's amazing the weight a pregnancy veil puts over you. Your eye lids are heavy, even though all you do is sleep. 
Your mind feels like lead, and we all know lead can't think. Your body may only gain 35 pounds, but it might as well be 350 because doing anything is difficult physically not to mention emotionally and mentally.
...and just when you start getting used to it...
Suddenly labor pulls you in like a fishing lure you can not pull away from. 
Then a thousand of the most intense years of your life go by, 
(or what seems like 1000 years but is really only a few hours of hard labor) and suddenly you're light again. 
You feel like, like you! Like a you that you forgot existed!
 And look! This beautiful, wonderful, tiny person is here now and you are their world. 



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