Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Epic Easter

 Easter morning was so beautiful. 

 I went to church and got my little Sunday school class all set up... and by "set up" I mostly mean divided out candy as I prepared for the kid's Easter lesson. We actually learned A LOT about the holiday itself! 
I am always impressed with how smart those kids are.

 This was the example I used to show Jesus's tomb... Okay, you might have to use some imagination. One of my kids of course didn't, flipped the rock out and asked where I hid all the Easter eggs. Oh boys!

 Haha, I didn't realize my belly was taking up the bottom of this picture until Jared pointed it out. :)

 I love that little classroom.

 A project from a couple weeks ago, actually I should say lack of a project. The project I picked out for the kids was a no-go. So they asked to paint instead. I agreed and talked to them about their friends and how friendships are really important. What can ya do, ya know?

 My curly haired boy all "glammed up" in Easter wears. 

 After church, the egg hunt at my in-law's house went well. My 2 year old niece really wasn't getting the whole "searching" element of the hunt, so the eggs were tossed all over the lawn. It was so nice out!

 My mother in law always knows how to decorate! 

The big backyard egg hunt...!

Dad in law's neat old Ford truck.

 And lastly the day was finished off with my brother and sister in law's new bike and eating Easter lunch left overs. What a good day :)

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