Saturday, April 28, 2012

My 10 Pregnancy "Must-Have's!"

Okay, honest Saturday time. I have something to admit. Eating well and working out during pregnancy, has been right in between extremely difficult and impossible. All of April the only food that has consistently sounded appealing has been Tim's Jalapeno Chips. Now don't get me wrong, Tim's chips just might be the food of the gods, but they are lacking just an itee-bitte bit in nutrients. Plus if the food aversions weren't enough the morning sickness ought to bring me right down to the ground. 

On a more positive note, next week I will be in my second trimester and I hear for most women, these bummer side effects should slow or stop. *Whew!* Part one is almost over! The thing is, I am not complaining about being pregnant in itself. My complaint is that it is taking so long! (And so fast! Time has been a strange recently!) I just keep imagining those chubby little legs doing the "mid-air baby march" and how sweet baby will be when it's napping with me. :) 'Til then I suppose these are my top 10 things keeping me going!...

1. New Pants
I actually had the hardest time finding decent look maternity pants. They either looked like jammy-pants or they had no butt pockets. Do you know what pants look like without butt pockets!? Pajama jeans! I bought my extra stretchy pants at Bosswear.

2. Saltines
When you feel sick, Saltines help a ton! (Okay, Gramma was right.)

3. Orange Juice
Gallons and gallons and gallons....

4. Belly Rub
Technically speaking, if you are in it to prevent stretch marks, bad news... Belly rub can not penetrate the skin layers far enough to combat those vibrant red lines, for the most part it's all in your genetics. However, if you are itchy or stretchy and any other weird thing you didn't realize happened during pregnancy, it's pretty nice to get a tummy rub, especially if it smells as good as mama mio's. :)

5. New boots
I haven't been super energetic lately and (Yes, I actually feel this lethargic) lacing up shoes seems way, way, way too tiring. Lucky for me, I got a new pair of boots, and those bad boys just slide on. No messing with laces. 

6. Maps
You might think I am crazy, but any time I am really feeling down in the dumps, who jumps onto me with eyes full of love? Little Maps. She is going to just love this kid.

7. Subway
Like orange juice, there will NEVER be enough!

8. At Home Doppler
Thank you to my sister in law for lending me her Doppler. I can hear babies heart any time of day instead of just doctors visits. Thu-thump! Thu-thump!

9. Tim's Potato Chips
I would just feel too embarrassed to tell you how many party sized bags I have eaten to myself.
Also I wouldn't know because I am going through them so fast. I think I may write "Tim" a letter,

"Dear Tim, 
Due to my massive consumption of your tasty jalapeno chips, my unborn child 
now has the heat tolerance of someone who could handle 5 star spiciness in a Thai restaurant. Thank you very much, this could make an interesting future.
- Chip Lovin' Challice."

10. Jared

And lastly Jared, who I have snapped at, cried with, laughed with and begged to get me a gas station hot dog with sauerkraut. You dear, are the best.

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