Monday, April 16, 2012

Life Lately

Here I am starting vegetable seeds indoors in their little growing tray. 
I've been spending most of my time outdoors lately since it's so nice out,
and when it is raining I feel like the kids from "The Cat in The Hat"...

Being pregnant and jobless has it's benefits, that is for sure. 
At this rate I probably would have called in sick so many times, I surely would have been let go.
But with that as a huge plus, comes a huge amount of boredom. That is why I am spending all this time gardening.
After all, once baby is here who knows how much time I will have in the next upcoming summers to garden? Plus, how many times in life are you jobless and financially stable? Yup. I am soaking it up.
 This is going to be the best garden ever! :D

I have probably watched 999 gardening videos,
read 999 gardening pages,
and I still cant get enough!

Aren't these cool purple beans?! My father in law is a wizard, I told him I had purple beans and he knew exactly what I was talking about. They are called "Scarlet Runners" and produce red flowers as well as tasty beans! 

Warm days in the back yard...

When it is sunny, I put all the plants outside...
and sing to them... and tell them how big they are going to get! Hehe.
I suppose I am as obsessed with plants as Jared is about mushrooms. 

Baby starts!

My tummy (and face and everything else it seems!) is getting bigger everyday!
I am so thankful I have Jared. He is the best!

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