Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random Miraculous Morel Post

Above is a 3 headed, (mutant) early Spring morel! 

These 3 pictures are of TRUE morels. Their stem and cap are not separated unlike 
a false or early morel, however they are both edible if well cooked. 

Morels can be found under Cottonwood trees from Spring to Autumn. 

These 2 pictures are a unique looking black mushroom I found today in a little hole as we were on our way out. We were rushing back to the road since we heard "who knows what" in the woods, but I had to stop to grab this! Neither of us have any idea of what this mushroom is, or what the scary sounds in the woods were but I'll be sure to find out... what the mushroom is at least.  

These are all morels, all shapes and colors...

...and these are their massive stems! 

I would not recommend eating these to ANYONE, since there are so many poisonous mushrooms out there. 

However if you are lucky as myself to be married to a mycologist, and you FULLY UNDERSTAND what you are doing, these guys make some good grub! My next post will be how we cooked these guys up!

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