Monday, June 11, 2012

Pregnancy Dreams

Since Onyx came to be, I've been having ....

(Oh, this makes me all teary eyed, I have not even met him yet
and I can't imagine life with out his little soul present... Gah.)

Anyways, I have been having many of the "same-themed" dreams.
I have always had long, in depth dreams. Dreams that have a full plot, even sometimes a twist, but almost always bring to life a full colored, dramatic story that takes place nearly every night while I sleep. So when I heard many expecting women had "pregnancy dreams" I did not know what to expect. However, like running to the bathroom a billion times a day (which I already did prior to pregnancy) the dreams for the most part haven't changed... except one thing. One reoccurring thing that I love, but it drives me crazy. I have dreams I go into labor, I go through the entire thing, so focused on being in tune with my body I don't realize the pain that comes along with it. Then I finally see him. I get to finally see his beautiful face. Usually after the most brief moment of Jared and I looking at our first born I wake up, with him still slumbering in my belly. (He likes to sleep all morning, but dance all night. Sounds like his night owl parents!)

But last night the dream continued for just a bit. I had him, it was nearly painless. I did not reach down to grab him or anything because this time I was in such shock. He was so alert and blinked quietly before he pulled himself up and STOOD UP! I covered my hand over my mouth. He was so strong for just being born! Then he plopped back down on his chubby legs and giggled. Next he scootched himself to a little decorative bowl filled with beads which he quickly shoved into his mouth! I did not even think about moving the beads because I did not know he could move about! I grabbed him like lightning and dug all the beads out of his mouth.... Oh my gosh I was so scared he was going to swallow them! Afterwards he gave me this smug little grin that he always seems to have in my dreams... I wonder if that will carry on into real life.

Either way I am counting down every week, and day until I get to see that little smile.

Love you kid.
-Challice at 20 weeks

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