Tuesday, June 5, 2012

He's A Boy!!!

When we announced the gender of our baby, we wanted it to be this really cool sha-bang.
I always liked the idea of having the ultrasound technician write the gender on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope.
(So even the parents don't know!)
Then they would go to a store and hand the paper over to the person filling balloons.
Next, that person would fill a box with whatever color (pink or blue)
and they would take the box home to open it with their family.

We did that in a way, but I wanted to know sooooo badly I could not help but ask the technician what we were having.
We asked our parents to leave the room, which they were not the least bit thrilled about!
She put the "wand" to my belly and she did not have to say anything.
She pointed and said "This is a leg"
and we saw it.
"This is the other leg"
She did not need to go any farther...
"And, well, this is NOT a leg."

I was silent.
And shocked!
I was so convinced we were having a girl!
(Even though every midwife's tale pointed otherwise!)

I could not stop smiling. 
I always wanted a boy first!
 Being the oldest sister I always wished I had a big protective brother,
and now our kids will have that!
(We will see about the protective part, hehe) 

Jared's eyes met mine.

It was such a wonderful moment.
Minutes later we left that room with a little secret...
...Just to get the answer out early!

But we still went to the store,
bought the balloons,
and had our sweet little nephew open the box of blue balloons.

It was so priceless to see everyone's face.

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