Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Onyx,

Hey love, it's mum again,

It seems so much time has passed since I last wrote you, but realistically it's been hardly any time at all! Time has been more than a little weird lately. The last 22 weeks have slowed to a crawl. However that doesn't mean I want to speed things up so fast I miss the point where you start to crawl. I never want to rush it, not any time with you. Even if you cry your heart out all night and I don't get a wink of sleep for months on end, I don't want to rush it. I don't want to miss it, because someday faster than I'd like, you might feel "too cool" to be seen with me, too big to be held in our arms, and someday you won't live with us and you will be out on your own to eventually start your own family. It seems like that is off in the distant future where we have flying cars and regular space travel but I assure you time will go so much faster than you think kid. Want to know a secret? I still feel like I am 6 years old sometimes, and sometimes I feel like I am 70. You will be breathing sweet Washington air sooner than I know. I just want to enjoy your every stage and that means being patient. I mean, I am patient enough right? Even if I want to see your big lipped - little gummy smile RIGHT THIS MOMENT I'll be patient. *sigh*

I think I feel like "week 22" has been the longest because I am so ready. 
Ready to laugh with you. 
Ready to look back in my rear view mirror and see you gazing out the window. 
Ready for you to join dad and I as we slow dance in the kitchen. 
Ready to rub your back as you fall asleep. 
Ready to see how Jared holds you. 
Ready to see your tiny shoes dangling from a swing.
Ready to hear you belly laugh.
Ready to birth you and I am not scared at all, just flat out excited.
Ready to love you face to face. 
Ready to meet you, ugh... SO ready to just MEET you 
even though I already know so much about you little guy!
 I bet you didn't think I was that observant did ya?

1. I know you like to be on the move constantly. I don't think sitting still will be your thing. Don't worry, I am in my 20's and I can barely sit through a movie so I know how you feel. 

2. I don't think you like apricots, because every time I eat them now I feel sick and you move in an angry jolting sort of way. 

3. Surprisingly, I think you might just be a morning person. (which is going to be tough for dad and I) I feel you doing your biggest stretches, summersaults and some sort of karate aerobics (not quite sure what your doin' in there kid) all during the mornings. 

4. (My personal favorite) I can tell you love your dad already because every time Jared comes home from work and we talk about our day you bounce around so fast and seem so excited. (I understand, he is the best after all!) So now I know you can hear us! 

I really enjoy your high energy and enthusiasm. I bet you will be quiet the character Onyx.

We can't wait to see your little face. Love you kid. 

Oh! P.S.
I am learning sign language so we can "talk"to each other even sooner!

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