Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Fever

(Not to be confused with Beiber fever.
Just so you were 100 % sure.
Now that, that is cleared up I'd like to share some more thoughts.)
Word of the day, baby.
No, wait. I mean word of the week,
actually, let's just skip to word of the last few YEARS.
Everybody's got a baby.
She's got a baby.
He's got a baby. 
Your mutha had a baby.
I bet YOU might even have a baby.  
Well dagnabbit. I guess I am going to have to be patient for a while longer.
A little while back we officially decided to wait until I was done with my associates degree to have a baby. But 2 years seems like eternity! So, to fill the time Jared and I are going to compose a list if things we want to do in the next 2 years. (This means things like travel, knit baby ponchos, climb mountains... you know, things that would be harder but not impossible to do with said babie(s) ) In the few short years Jared and I have been together, we have already been through so much and there is so much to look forward too! I just can't wait for life to keep happening. We have a really cozy,  good and strong life now and I am SO thankful for everyone in our lives! I am thankful I live in a place I can go to school to become an elementary school teacher (I am going to need to remember that when homework starts coming! :P ) I am also pumped for this April, we are planting a huge garden, which I will be blogging about, no doubt! And lastly,  I am so happy the sun is going to come back this Spring so Jared and I can go on a thousand more walks down the Washington trails. Being alive can be so wonderful.

These are the reasons why I live my life.

This was taken after a family member's wedding.                                               Halloween Party 2010.

At the Marina.

As we were leaving the courthouse. *married!*

After our actual wedding...the lovely ceremony 6 months later.

Downtown Seattle.

Going on a walk through the woods.                                                                             Backyard summers.

Today was yesterday's tomorrow.

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