Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Question About Short Hair & My New Favorite Book

^---Right now this is my favorite book.
Yes, it is a children's book and I am an adult but quite frankly, I don't care! A good book is a good book right?  Right, right! For the most part it lives on our fridge next to our new, neat-o globe. *4$ Thrift Store find! Woop! Woop!* All the short stories within it are written really differently than the Disney stories I grew up with, which is a really refreshing change! Some of them are just totally ridiculous but others are just so wildly original, I love it! Jared and I have been reading random stories before bed and something I have learned is to have him read every other page or he falls asleep almost instantly...
 -_- ...z z Zz... 
...which is rather discouraging when it took almost a week to read him 2 pages. I am not even joking.
He looks so sweet though, how could I be mad? However I think it might be a good idea to slow down on reading these crazy stories right before bed since it has been provoking some intensely weird dreams. I keep dreaming of bears. Bears. BEARS. BEARS!

And lastly as for my hair question...
So right now, my hair looks about like this.
Well, not really. My hair is really curly so this is after about 20 minutes of straitening. Everyday Single Day.
I don't know about you, but that is a lot more time than I want to spend on my hair every morning.
Any ideas on how to gracefully grow out hair with out looking like Napoleon Dinomite or Shari Lewis?

Hope you and an amazing day!

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