Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maps. (The most heart felt post I've ever written)


If you are the kind of person who believes animals
 are worth less than people or that they do not have souls,
 this posts simply is not for you since
 I know this in my heart to be true. 

She is always there circling my legs, telling me about her day.
meow. meow. meowmeowmeow. 

Story of my life. 
Sometimes I even wish she would just leave me alone.

 Yesterday morning MerDock jumped on the roof and stomped around above our bed until he woke us up to let the cats inside, for their breakfast as usual. I opened the door and Mer bolted in. Maps was not waiting on the porch.  Something was wrong. My guts churned, maybe she was catching moles since that was her new "thing". No. Something is wrong. She would never leave. She is always at the door when Mer wakes us up. No, I am just worrying, I thought. I was sure of it. Then that "feeling" wouldn't leave.

 I made some food for Jared and I but a couple bites into it I just could not bare it. Something was wrong. She had not come to the door all morning and meow. meow. meowed as usual. I put down my sandwich and put a coat on. 

I looked under the cars and on the sides of the road. We checked on our roof and under the house.  Jared searched the trees and neighbors yards and we looked back and forth, up and down the street, going in and out of the house for hours.

 I took a drive hoping. Hoping she was okay and if not, hoping I would at least find her. 
She was nowhere to be seen. We went on our last walk down the road and back to the house, arms linked and tears streaming down our faces. There was such a horrible silence. 


I just wanted to find her. I could not bring myself to ask Jared what he thought. After all, we were both thinking the same thing and I knew it. She was gone and we would never see her again. After all, cats don't come home when they are hurt. They just don't come back. 

Several hours and a hundred tears later Jared decided it would be best to keep his mind busy. He started working on inoculating jars of grain to grow some more pink oyster mushrooms. I sat in my room starting to let it sink in. She had gone back to God and the little turd did not let me say goodbye! I just remember Jared saying right before we went to bed, "Look at those huge golden eyes." I looked over, but I had seen 'em a thousand times before. I smiled even though I felt the house growing emptier. I was betting she was happy. And how lucky was she? It was like she leveled up and was here for wayyyy less time than me! Not fair! haha :*) is where the whole story turns around...

Jared was growing tired, I mean man! we were wiped out.
So he grabbed the keys to go get us some energy drinks.

MAPS! She was barely hanging onto the lattice connected to the house. 
I grabbed her and squeezed her SO HARD! She screamed and I put her down. I thought she just did not want to be held. She collapsed in the door way. Her body did not look right AT ALL. 
Instead of running to her food bowl she layed with her stomach buldging in all the wrong places, back indented and back legs looking twisted. I tried to move her to a pillow and she screamed.
She was really hurting.  Internal damage? Broken Spine? Legs? What's wrong? Oh I wished she could talk.

I have never been one to pray much unless I was giving thanks for the beauty of the earth and life around me, or if I really wanted someone to feel God's presence. I feel like the universe and God's plan are all set and that is that, so I have never treated God like Santa and asked for anything for as long as I could remember. Even as a child I felt that was very wrong. 

But oh how I prayed.

I prayed all night over her little tummy. Sometimes she would even stop breathing. 
I just did not want her to hurt anymore but all I could give her was time. 
Time to do whatever she needed to do. 
Since we could not move her we slept in the living room. I slept on the floor right next to her. My back and hips now hurt like mad but it was worth it to not leave her alone. I woke up about every 30 minutes. I knew she was not in any fit shape to get fluids or anything like that. She could hardly keep her eyes open and her little heart was beating so fast. I did not even try to get her to drink or eat. But I was NOT going to leave her alone. I texted one of my best friends and she said she just knew God was taking care of her. This gave me some comfort but I still was so saddened. However, at least she came back. What a miracle?! And how on earth did she end up on the roof when she could not even walk or move?

As I laid with her last night waking up all the time to make sure she was still breathing, at one point MerDock flew by out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to get a drink from their bowls. All of the sudden with all her might she stood up on her wobbley legs and her mangled looking belly hung below. She slowly pulled herself to the food and water and drank and ate! Then, a few minutes later falling asleep next to me again. A bit later I awoke to her slowly pushing herself to go to the back door. This meant she had to go potty. I was SO HAPPY for this moment! haha.

So far today Maps has been resting, not moving much but still much more alert. Her tummy looks back to normal as well. She is still in pain but I think she is healing. Just a bit ago, I called her name her ears perked up and she said "Meow!" 

Just what I wanted to hear. 

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  1. I agree, animals should be treated with as much care as humans.