Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Flops

To be honest, I need to be honest with you.
In my blog I post all of these neat and creative things I have done. 
Creating the most UN-real illusion.
So here are some of my flops.
I plan on trying to remake every one of these again since I learned from my mistakes, 
but until then, this is how it goes...

Once upon a time I tried to make some crayon art for my students, 
Which should have turned out looking close to this ^

I used Jared's grandmother's cookie cutters, (mistake #1)
I should have used cup cake tins instead but then I lined them with tin-foil, (mistake #2)
filling them with little crayon pieces instead of full crayon chunks (mistake #3)
and put them in the oven without making fully sure they were sealed (biggest mistake)

Soaking the crayons to get the paper off was the ONLY wise idea.
Also I forgot to mention I layered the melting crayons, I thought it would be a cool effect.
Melt. Fridge. Melt. Fridge. Looking back I should have just filled the little tins completely then melted them. So instead of vibrant colors they had a very muddy appearance. I am still scraping the melted crayons from the bottom of my oven.  Every time I turn it on to bake something it smells horrible in here for hours and I would not dare try to cook something in there yet. At least the cookie cutters made it out safe.


Posting more soon. :)

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