Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spring Excitement + A trip to Wendys

I am really excited for Spring this year. I have started getting our garden ready and I love when all the flowers come into the shops! I am a sucker for bright colors I suppose.

After we went to the store we were feeling hungry and did not want to spend a ton and I really did not want to go to McDonalds or some place like that. Super Bowl Sunday just killed me. It was like I instantly gained weight from all the goodies, cheesey dips and snacks around me. I did not really need anymore of that crap food but we were feeling like burgers soooooo somehow we ended pulling a u-turn and eating at Wendys. 
First off, I noticed these little planter boxes by the drive thru. Pretty cool eh?

Next I was very impressed. We ordered from the value menu and my burger had everything a good burger should have. Cheese. Onion. Tomato.Lettuce. Pickles. +  no "What is this?" pieces in the meat. Awesome.
And what was even better was their fries. They actually tasted like potato! Imagine that!
So I haven't the slightest idea why Wendy's is not the leading fast food company. I left there not feeling like I need to sleep and shower or anything like that! I felt great! 5 Stars for Wendy's man! Hip Hip Hooray!

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